As an emerging medium of education, online classes provide the students with the flexibility of time and location. It makes the learner more independent and enables him to take up courses at his own pace. It is also the fastest mode of teaching. There are no transportation or parking costs as in the case of distance learning courses. This provides flexibility for all types of learners from different walks of life.

Time Convenience: Time flexibility is one of the major advantages of online education. Distance Learning is a very effective means of increasing the speed of learning and imparting knowledge. No classroom course is required. Students can take up the classes at their convenience sitting in any corner of the world. In the case of a classroom course, the students are confined to the classroom and have to travel a long way to reach there.

Enables Flexibility: With online education, you can learn according to your own interest and comfort. You can do it at your own pace and time. This is in comparison to other modes of learning wherein the learners are forced to move from one place to another. The online courses enable prospective students to gain knowledge at their own rate. There are no tensions of feeling pressed for learning. In this manner, flexibility is gained which helps the learners to take up courses at their own convenience.

Advantages of Online Learning: The benefit of online education lies in its flexibility. Students can move freely while taking up the classes. They can choose the time and place of the classes. They do not need to get up early in the morning or late at night for taking classes. Unlike in the traditional classroom setting, where the schedule is fixed and the classes have to be taken at a particular date and time, online learning gives you the liberty of choosing the time and place of classes.

Cost-effectiveness: It is no secret that acquiring degrees is very expensive these days. The cost of obtaining a degree varies from institution to institution. For online education, the only costs you incur are the fees for the learning materials and for the actual study. There are no further maintenance fees to be paid nor any other added charges. Hence, flexibility is the main advantage of this mode of learning.

You can save money on distance education: Another major advantage of online education is that it costs you nothing. Traditional class settings may involve attendance fees, travel expenses, etc. The cost of the study materials alone can burn a hole in your pocket. The cost of communicating with instructors is also quite high. With online classes, you can communicate with your instructors via email, chat or telephonic phone.

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