Do your Glasgow home’s exterior walls appear worn and weathered, with signs of rendering being chipped off, pebble-dash crumbling away and patchy Tyrolean? If that is the case, these could all be potential indicators that it needs some TLC.

An innovative solution is to have your walls professionally coated, as this will protect both the building and save you money in the long term. As this coating is breathable, air can pass freely through and keep your property cool and dry while also helping prevent dampness, mould and mildew growth.

They add value to your home

An exceptional wall coating system can add significant value to your home. As an innovative alternative to masonry paint, wall coating systems come equipped with additional features like weather protection, never-fade colours and permanent cures for penetrative dampness and mildew. Furthermore, quality systems feature various textures which enable you to conceal crack scars or other imperfections on walls for a uniform look.

Exterior wall coating offers another advantage for property owners: keeping it looking bright and clean longer. Thanks to being resistant to mould, moss, and lichen growth, exterior wall coating helps you avoid spending both time and money power washing your home regularly – saving both time and money on power washing costs! Furthermore, its moisture-proof properties prevent your walls from absorbing excess moisture that contributes to green mould or other organic elements growing on them – further decreasing maintenance costs.

Homeshield, the UK’s leading wall coating company, offers an outstanding exterior wall coating system called Tex-Cote Coolwall that will completely renovate your exterior walls for an attractive yet weatherproof finish that comes complete with an insurance-backed 15-year guarantee (insurance is free of charge!). It can be applied over brick, stone, render, pebbledash and Tyrolean walls and comes in smooth or heavy texture options to suit every surface type imaginable.

They prevent penetrative damp

Not only can an exterior wall coating increase the value of your home, it will also prevent penetrative dampness. Penetrating dampness is caused by water absorption into bricks and masonry which causes structural damage. It often manifests itself in damp patches on walls; although less serious than rising damp, penetrative damp can still harm property and leave it looking unattractive.

Penetrating damp is typically caused by blocked gutters or cracks in brickwork or pointing that allow moisture to seep into walls, and needs to be resolved prior to painting, otherwise, it will return after you’ve applied new coats of colour. Regularly check gutters for blockages or leaky sections as well as treatment options like Damp proofing injection cream which requires the use of an expensive spray machine like the Graco President (which costs upwards of 5,800 Pounds new) in order to apply effectively on textured surfaces like this damp proofing cream can return after the paint has been applied on, or could reoccur after painting – this treatment option needs to be resolved before beginning!

Most exterior wall coating systems are microporous and designed to be weather-proof while remaining breathable, suitable for application on sound masonry materials like render, breezeblock, pebbledash, spar dash and Tyrolean. Available in an assortment of colours and textures to meet your desired look while their superhydrophobic surface reduces moss growth on walls.

They prevent mould and mildew

Mould and mildew can be a real hazard in the home, especially if there are infants or elderly residents present. They can lead to respiratory problems, sinus infections, headaches and energy costs being significantly reduced by using wall coatings that resist algae, green mould or moss and have super hydrophobic qualities which means water cannot attach itself and dirt cannot accumulate on them – helping save energy costs in turn!

Long-life wall coatings can help seal walls against dampness from seeping into your property, protecting you against rain, frost and snow for an improved winter temperature. With long-life wall coatings, you don’t need to worry about damp coming through as much. They are built to withstand any harsh weather conditions so they will also keep your home protected from raindrops falling upon it!

Good-quality wall coatings will typically be much thicker than masonry paint – up to 40 times thicker – for increased resistance to weather damage and longer durability. Plus, their thicker layer helps ensure that its colour won’t fade over time as traditional exterior paint can do.

Before applying the coating, our installers will ensure all render on your masonry is sound and dry, sealing any cracks as necessary. Brickwork will then be cleaned and pressure washed prior to being treated with our super hydrophobic coating – water drops simply run off its surface rather than necessitating regular maintenance tasks!

They are easy to apply

Wall coating systems offer an easy, quick, and quick way to refresh the look of your home in no time at all. These protective layers are just millimetres thick, can be sprayed onto surfaces by professional spray equipment in one or two coats and help prevent the build-up of moisture in porous materials like brick or stone – providing moisture control as they wick away into the atmosphere.

Exterior wall coatings that contain super hydrophobic water dispersants can help prevent damp penetration and protect your house against further damage from moisture accumulating within. They allow any trapped moisture within the fabric of your house to evaporate harmlessly without reaching other areas or causing further problems; additionally, they protect from condensation and direct UV rays.

Before selecting a textured spray-applied wall coating, it is vital that any cracks or other issues are repaired prior to application. Furthermore, your chosen company should conduct pressure cleaning of your walls in order to achieve an even and precise finished product.

If you want to give your home an updated appearance, a textured spray-applied wall coat can provide the solution. Not only can it give it an instant facelift but it’s guaranteed to last up to 15 years too, adding value while improving appearance! Especially helpful if selling later down the line!