Releases The Right Brain Chemicals


It has been proven that music has the power to release dopamine into our brain. Dopamine is a type of hormone and chemical messenger that can boost memory, pleasure, motivation and plays a huge role in our mental health and wellbeing. When listening to music, this chemical is released and can improve our mood almost instantly.


Calms The Nervous System


Listening to moderately slow, and relaxing tempos can have a direct effect on your heart rate and blood pressure. Which is why it is recommended to listen to something relaxing when you feel anxious. It balances the nervous system and can also encourage you to breathe at a steady pace.

Emotionally Calming


Music can help you express your emotions and feelings. It can be difficult to talk about emotions, and often people act on anger or aggression. Listening to music can help calm these feelings and encourage you to take a moment to calm down before acting on anything. It is sometimes helpful to listen to songs that you can relate to in order to release some of the built-up emotions.




Playing your favourite playlist or popping on the radio, can act as a distraction from stressful situations. It takes your focus away from the anxiety of the situation and allows you to distract your brain with the music. As you do this, dopamine will be released into your brain, and will slowly overcome the feelings of anxiety and stress.