What exactly is a gas boiler? Every house needs a boiler of some sort, but with so many styles to choose from, it may all become confusing for the beginner who has to buy one. This article is meant to demystify what gas boilers do, how they differ from other types of boilers and what tasks they perform. It’s important before you decide to buy one, that you know the answers to these questions! This way you will have a much clearer idea as to why you need it and why you should buy it. Gas boilers Glasgow have plenty to offer in terms of benefits and it is important to understand how their different features could potentially benefit you.

Key Points To Note About Gas Boilers

The biggest thing different about gas boilers is that they are set up differently than older models. Newer ones have a number of different types of heat exchangers that allow them to heat either two or four rooms at once. You can also get a new boiler with a dual-hosed tank instead of the traditional single-hosed tank. These are great for places where space is limited or simply because you don’t want your heat exchangers to be too large.

Another difference between gas boilers and other types of boilers is their fuel source. New ones usually use propane, which is relatively cleaner than natural gas heat and easy to maintain. However, natural gas heat is far more expensive than propane. Newer gas boilers Glasgow also generally have better insulation. Older boilers can be cheaply made, but not nearly as good insulators. This is important to remember if you are looking to save on overall costs and improve your heat retention.

Electric Boilers And Their Differences

The last thing we’ll talk about is what electric boilers make. This type of boiler is still fairly new, having been introduced around twenty years ago. Electric boilers differ from gas boilers in that they are less efficient than the former. However, they also have much longer lasting warranties and require less maintenance. This is one of the major reasons they remain popular, even with their short lifespan. They can heat a whole house very efficiently and can often be found in condos.

A condensing boiler would be our last option for energy efficiency. This type of boiler makes use of natural gas, oil, or both when heating a home. It has a lower efficiency rating than the other types of boilers listed so far, but it doesn’t really get its name due to its lack of efficiency. This type of boiler would be better suited for industrial purposes, as it would be much more cost-effective, though it would still be slower to run than most gas boilers. It would also be good to research thoroughly before making a purchase.


The above comparisons may be helpful in helping you decide whether you should go with a new gas boiler or a more efficient model of the condensing variety. However, you should also consider how your home currently consumes now and how it would affect your decision. If you currently are burning more fuel than you should, or if you are getting the highest utility bill every month, then a non-condensing boiler may be your best option for saving money. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your current consumption and your bill is consistent, then you may want to consider spending the extra money on a condensing boiler. As you can see, it all depends on your lifestyle and the specific needs of your home. Gas boilers Glasgow however are your best kind of option if you want a dependable boiler that can cost less and provides plenty of heat around your household.